Over the past few days, Oregon State has rolled out a three-part series that took a look at their approach to leadership training with the Special Forces.

During this training, Oregon State players took part in actual Special Forces challenges ranging from 2-minute push-up and sit-up contests, to training simulations and various team building exercises, to training exercises where they have to rescue a downed team and keep them safe while also bringing supplies.

All the challenges are designed to taking the guys out of their comfort zone to see if they can still perform, because that’s essentially what leaders – both in the military and on the field – should be able to do.

“It looks like they’ve had a lot of fun. We have done a lot of things that are considered the high point of military training with the rappel tower, and overcoming the fear of heights, jumping out of a 34 foot tower.”

“Putting them just a little bit outside of their comfort zone and still being able to perform is a form of leadership.” Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bruce explained.

There’s a good reason why college football programs around the country have turned to leadership training with the military, and it’s because it clearly works.

Take a look at the challenges players endured below

Part 1: Players check in, contraband is collected, fitness test is issued

Part 2: Combat simulation, critical thinking challenge, airplane jump tower

Part 3: Making a flotation device from clothing, observing jumps, eating MRE’s and the final mission