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The Oregon strength staff has issued a challenge to coaches across the country

45 days out from kickoff, back on July 19th, Oregon Ducks strength coach Aaron Feld (well known for his signature mustache), issued a challenge directed at coaches across the country.

The challenge was rather simple, and unlike the other internet challenges that make their way around social media. It doesn't require a donation to charity, or to nominate others, or to douse yourself in ice cold water or dance like a fool.

All you have to do is 100 reps of bicep and 100 reps of triceps exercises. Divide it up into however many sets you want, but do it daily until the start of camp. That's the #45DayChallenge, also being referred to on social media as #FillTheSleeves.

Here's coach Feld explaining the challenge back when it was originally issued.

The best part about the challenge is it isn't limited to the weight room, as Feld demonstrates. Find a way to get those reps in.

"It's the 45 day challenge. Not the 45 days minus whatever days I'm on vacation challenge."

"Filling the sleeves knows no boundaries," Feld explains while getting his reps in on top of a mountain.

Both coaches on his staff, as well as coaches around the country have videos on his Twitter timeline of them participating that have been retweeted.

For those that want to fill out the sleeves of those coaching polos, this is a fun idea to run with leading up to your home opener. When you do, you'll have coach Feld, one of the most active strength coaches on social media, to thank.

Lastly, here's some advice for those looking to jump in on the challenge.