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Oregon suspends strength coach Irele Oderinde one month without pay

Oregon has suspended strength coach Irene Oderinde one month without pay following a workout that left three players hospitalized, the program announced Tuesday evening.

The military-style workout, which reportedly required players to complete one hour of continuous push-ups and up-downs, among other things, sent at least one player to the hospital with symptoms of rhabdo, a tissue condition caused by overwork that can lead to kidney failure.

"I have visited with the three young men involved in the incidents the past few days and I have been in constant contact with their families, offering my sincere apologies," head coach Willie Taggart said in a statement. "As the head coach, I hold myself responsible for all our football-related activities and the safety of our students must come first. I have addressed the issue with our strength and conditioning staff, and I fully support the actions taken today by the university. I want to thank our medical staff and doctors, and I want to apologize to the university, our students, alumni and fans."

In addition to the suspension, Oderinde and the strength staff will now report Andrew Murray, director of performance and sports science rather than Taggart. Oderinde followed Taggart from South Florida.