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Oregon unveils 2019 uniform set

There's a great Twitter account out there for all uniform geeks,

Crowley Eagles 2019

— TexasHSHelmetProject (@HelmetHs) August 18, 2019

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">@HelmetHs. As the name implies, it blasts out helmet designs from high school programs across the state of Texas. If you care about uniforms it's an interesting follow whether you live in Texas or not, simply as a way of monitoring the trends in the uniform and design space in football.

Scroll long enough and it won't take you long to spot another trend. Basically any team that has a bird as its mascot has moved away from the Philadelphia Eagles-style decal and moved toward this.

That design, to the best of this reporter's knowledge, did not exist until 2012, when Oregon unveiled it. I thought of that when viewing this clip, a 25-second rundown of 20 years of Oregon football history. Because, really, Oregon uniform history is football history.

Oregon unveiled its 2019 uniform set over the weekend, which is really just the same design the Ducks debuted last year on a new temple, dubbed Vapor Fusion.

But even when the Ducks are keeping it cool and restrained, they're still setting trends. Compare those combinations with the new uniforms Baylor will wear this season.

Baylor 1

Oregon will likely get bored of its sensible, restrained look and put out a new, flashier design in the not too distant future. And when they do expect to see it ripple through the rest of the football world shortly thereafter.