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Oregon's 1992 season ticket renewal video reminds us of how far CFB has come


Over the past five (or ten) years or so, when college football programs break ground on a new facility, or reveal new uniforms, or come out with a new hype video it's easy for us to relate to the recent arms race that college athletics has transformed into. Today, everyone is striving for something bigger, better, more unique, and more appealing to connect with recruits and their fan bases.

Rarely though, do we get to peek back even further, to a simpler time. That brings me to this 1992 season ticket renewal video from Oregon that I came across on Reddit earlier. Simpler is a massive understatement.

"Get ready to do the wave like you've never done it before." Really? That was the best tag line that today's premier program in college football could come up with back in the day to entice people to pony up for season tickets? Wow.

Now, Oregon lets their on the field product do the talking, and I'm pretty sure they don't even release videos like this to remind people to renew their tickets anymore.

Almost immediately following the 2014 season, teams started to release their 2015 season ticket renewal videos, and the quality is unreal. Now, these videos serve as so much more than a reminder to renew season tickets, they're a platform for the program as a whole to connect with recruits, excite a fan base, and serve as an opportunity to leave a lasting reminder to everyone who ventures to press play.

Comparing Oregon's 1992 version with some clips that were released earlier this year really helps to serve as a great reminder of just how far college football has come, in almost every imaginary way. See for yourself below.

For those wondering, in '92 longtime Oregon assistants Gary Campbell (running backs) was entering his 10th season with the Ducks, and Don Pellum (defensive coordinator) was at Cal, a season away from arriving in Eugene.