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Oregon's newest uniforms will pay tribute to the explorers Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trail


Just when you thought Oregon couldn't do anything else to surprise you with their uniform combinations, they've collaborated with Nike to create new Pioneer uniforms that emphasize the rich history of the state of Oregon.

"For this inspiring new uniform, we want to celebrate the state and its great founders and innovators,” as Todd Van Horne, the creative director of Nike Football, explains in Nike's official release.

The details that went into this one are unlike any uniform out there, and the way they've found a way to pay tribute to the state history is really cool as well.

Nike's website has all the finer details, but here's an overview.



That subtle little squiggle pattern you see in the uniform is a sublimated tonal pattern of the Oregon Trail. Each uniform actually has it's own unique pattern and showcases a different area of the map.



A silhouette of Lewis and Clark is located on the side of the helmet, alongside the Duck, and the decal wraps around the lid.



The back of the helmet features a 33-star flag, representing Oregon's acceptance into the union in 1859.



See more pictures, and read more of the details, here.