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Outgoing Auburn AD Jay Jacobs will earn more than 18 FBS coaches in his retirement

Back in November, Jacobs announced his plans to retire by June, and today a report came out detailing what he'll make in state retirement...and it's a whopper of a number.

Jay Jacobs has spearheaded the Auburn athletic program since 2004, but his total time as state employee in the state of Alabama spans almost 30 years.

According to the Times Daily, Jacobs will make at least $45,000 per month, and a total of $540,000 per year in state retirement. Leading Auburn athletics, Jacobs earned a $700,000 base salary before incentives and bonus money kicked in.

What Jacobs will make in retirement is more than most coaches in MAC, as well as a total of what 18 FBS head coaches made in 2016, according to the USA Today Salary database.

The article goes on to point out that a rule change for state employee salaries was put in place in 1996 that capped retirement benefits at $270,000, but since Jacobs was already working as a state employee at that time, he was grandfathered in. Among other names in sports grandfathered in include UAB head coach Bill Clark.

Head over to the Times Daily to read more.