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Over/Under on Power Five win totals have been released

Nick Chubb

The 2015 college football season is inching ever closer. We crossed the double-digit countdown barrier last week, preseason magazines are headed to newsstands, and on Tuesday 5Dimes released its list of over/under win totals for most Power Five and independent programs.

We'll count them down from most to least:

11 wins: Ohio State

10 wins: Baylor, TCU, Wisconsin

9.5 wins: Alabama, Michigan State, Oregon, UCLA

9 wins: Georgia, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Stanford

8.5 wins: Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, BYU, Clemson, Ole Miss

8 wins: LSU, Nebraska, North Carolina, USC, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

7.5 wins: Georgia Tech, Louisville, Michigan, Texas A&M

7 wins: Arizona, Duke, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, South Carolina

6.5 wins: Northwestern, Texas

6 wins: Indiana, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech

5.5 wins: Boston College, Miami, Minnesota

5 wins: California, Rutgers, Washington State

4.5 wins: Colorado, Maryland, Syracuse, Virginia

4 wins: Oregon State, Purdue, Washington

3.5 wins: Army, Illinois, Wake Forest

3 wins: Iowa State, Vanderbilt

1.5 wins: Kansas

OVER bets I'd take: California (5), Arizona (7), Clemson (8.5), Baylor (10), Washington (4), Georgia Tech (7.5), Minnesota (5.5), Northwestern (6.5)

UNDER bets I'd take: Wisconsin (10), Texas Tech (6), West Virginia (8), Michigan State (9.5), TCU (10), Texas (6.5)

Bet that had better hit the over: Miami (5.5)