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Pac-12 drops 'year in residence' penalty for intra-conference transfers

The NCAA has in recent years taken step to liberalize the transfer process, by no longer requiring players to receive their coaches' permission to leave and by loosening the loop holes required for immediate eligibility elsewhere.

The Pac-12 has taken notice.

The league has announced that, moving forward, all players transferring from one Pac-12 school to another will not have to sit out the standard "year in residence" previously required for all football transfers.

"Following support from the Pac-12 Council and Pac-12 Faculty Athletics Representatives at their meetings earlier this month, the CEO Group voted to eliminate the 'loss of season' penalty for all student-athletes who transfer within the Conference," the league's official statement read. "This rule change removes one of the last remaining penalties associated with transferring between Conference schools, and is designed to provide student-athletes with a similar experience to any other student who decides to transfer."

The change means that, yes, a star freshman at Oregon State, transfer to Oregon, and (barring a waiver) sit out the year in residence as required by the NCAA but not have that year count against his eligibility.

It will be interesting to see if any other conferences look west and adopt a similar rule.

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