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The Pac-12 is proposing a rule that would ban schools from holding off-campus practices during off season

The Pac-12 is proposing a rule change that would bar member schools from doing what Jim Harbaugh did when he took his team to IMG Academy for spring practices.

The new proposal, according to Steve Berkowitz of USA Today, states that:

"Schools would be barred from holding off-campus practices that are not related to an away or neutral-site game during a school vacation period that occurs outside a team’s regular playing season. The proposal appears aimed at preventing activities such as the spring football practices that Michigan held earlier this year in Florida."

Let's just go ahead and call that one "The Harbaugh Travel Rule".

As a whole, the NCAA has responded to surveys from student athletes, who overwhelmingly stated a few months back that they're not happy with their limited free time under the current time demands from their sport, and they have offered a number of proposals. Among those proposals are is one where schools would be required to develop a "student athlete time management plan". In that plan, athletes would be given "adequate notice" of all team activities where schedules, and changes to those schedules, are developed through a collaboration with at least one player from the team.

According to Berkowitz, these proposals (three in total) would have to be approved from 65 schools and 15 athlete representatives in order to move forward with these proposals, but changes are not required by that approval.

The school travel rule from the Pac-12 mentioned above from is in addition to the time demand proposals.

Head here to read the full lay out of the proposals from both the NCAA and the Pac-12's other additional proposal.