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Pac 12 un-furloughs 50 staff members

Typically, the word "furlough" especially around sports and in the times of COVID is bad, really bad. Today, it is good.

The Pac 12 notified 50 of its previously furloughed staff members that they will be able to resume their jobs. They will be returning to work in waves over the course of the next few weeks.

At the end of August the Pac 12 laid off over 10 people, furloughed 5 times as many and left 13 vacant positions unfilled. The conference received a lot of backlash when it was reported that the highest paid employees including commissioner Larry Scott received VERY large bonuses shortly before the furloughing and cuts began. These bonuses were MILLIONS of dollars.

The un-furloughing of staff follows the Pac 12's decision to play this fall after previously cancelling the season. The conference announced just a few weeks ago that it would return this fall with games starting November 6th.

We all wish no one had been furloughed in the first place; however, this is good news.

Let's hope we continue to see people returning to work all over this great country.

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