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Packers announce funding of $250,000 in grants to promote social justice

The latest in NFL social justice moves came yesterday when the Green Bay Packers announced that they are funding five grants to community based, social justice focused nonprofit organizations.

The five grants are each worth $50,000 and will be donated to nonprofit organizations in the Madison, Milwaukee and Kenosha areas. The team has already donated over $300,000 in similar grants earlier this year.

In the announcement the organization said, "This is the third year the Packers have financially supported the ongoing effort to improve their communities through programs that work to effect change in the areas of racism, oppression, injustice and inequality. In recent years, the team and players have directed funds toward initiatives that reduce barriers to opportunity through education and economic advancement, criminal justice reform and programs to improve police-community relations."

This is just the latest in the wave of NFL teams that are taking steps towards supporting social justice reform and combating racism. Social justice initiatives have been at the forefront this fascinating 2020 season. Some teams have come up with their own ways to bring attention to social justice while the NFL itself continues to promote social justice as well.

Earlier this year the league announced various measures it would take to support players in raising awareness for these matters. End zones painted with inclusive slogans, players can wear t-shirts with equality messages and players are being encouraged to use their platforms. The public displays of advocacy have garnered as almost as much criticism as support.

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