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Parent fights football coach over son's playing time

Some people man. Some ____ people.

A father, "disgusted about his son's playing time" fought the coach of his son's football team... 7 and 8 year old football. C'mon man.

Word out of New Orleans today (via

Lance Faucheux, 46, was booked Tuesday with battery of a schoolteacher or an athletic official, according to a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Faucheux is accused of slugging the coach of his son's 7- and 8-year-olds football team during a dispute Monday at the Old Metairie recreational facility located at 1521 Palm St., according to Jefferson Parish Parks and Recreation Department Director C.J. Gibson.

Faucheux pulled aside the coach to for a chat, disgusted about his son's playing time, according to Gibson. The discussion turned heated, and Faucheux is accused of punching the coach in the jaw, according to an arrest report.

Other coaches stepped in to separate Faucheux, who continued to try and fight, the arrest report said. He left with his son and went home.

The coach contacted the Sheriff's Office. A deputy met with Faucheux at his home and took him into custody.

In less than shocking news, a recent survey revealed that High School Coaches Say Dealing with Parents has never been Worse. surveyed 227 coaches. 82% said dealing with parents has gotten worse. 58% said they've considered quitting because of parents.

C'mon America. Please, let's be better parents.