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Parents of Iowa players are coming after the Big Ten in a search for answers

To say that Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren's decision to cancel fall sports across the league was controversial would be a huge understatement. The decision left players upset and searching for answers and programs like Ohio State and Nebraska exploring every option possible in the hopes of playing a fall season still.

Now, some Iowa parents are banding together to ask the Big Ten for answers to some very specific questions, as well as a list of demands.

Among those questions addressed in the letter: If your primary responsibility is to make the best possible decisions for the students, faculty and staff, and you're cancelling football in the fall, how is it safe to brings students back to campus? Why is it okay to have intramural sports and social gatherings, but no football? Why are players not allowed to make the decision on whether the risk is worth it for them? Why isn't transparent health information from your experts being provided publicly?

As you can tell, they're pulling no punches in their open letter to the Big Ten either, calling the leagues "lack of communication and leadership offensive" before state that there is still time to get this done right.

The parents group lays out the following issues that they believe need to be addressed immediately:

  • A meeting with commissioner and committee members with meaningful and thorough explanations to a group of representatives that include parents, players and coaches.
  • To be able to ask questions and get direct answers and to have a say in the decision making process.
  • to be able to review a full action plan including protocols and safety measures
  • To respond to the group no later than the end of business day on August 19th

Iowa parents dropped the letter off at the Big Ten offices in person earlier today.

See the full letter from the parents group below.

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Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.02.29 AM

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