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Pat Fitzgerald: "An RPO is the purest form of communism"

From the high school level, to the NFL, it's impossible to turn on a football game without hearing the term RPO. They are so popular, and have so much explosive potential that even Wing T and option teams are finding ways to include it in their playbooks.

Enter Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern - a forever defensive minded coach at a school known for their effective use of the spread offense dating back years and years.

Coach Fitz is not a fan of run-pass options, going as far as to compare them to communism during today's presser.

"An RPO is the purest form of communism. I just don'd understand how offensive lineman can be downfield."

"It's the most en vogue change in football, and if you're a purist of football, it is not the game. People downfield blocking, and the ball being thrown. It should be illegal."

So that means Fitz doesn't allow run-pass options from his offensive staff...right? *In my best Lee Corso voice* Not so fast my friend.

"BUT! As a defensive minded head coach, with a defensive background, we will absolutely take full advantage within the framework of the rules that are given. So RPOs forever!"

Hear Fitz's full comments in the clip.