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Pat Fitzgerald suggests two Twitter hashtags for critics everywhere to criticize him


Being a head coach at any level, especially among FBS coaches, draws more than its fair share of criticism But as a head coach, you'd rather have that criticism directed at your, rather than at your players.

While at Big Ten Media Day last week, Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald mentioned that exact sentiment, stating that he would much rather have media criticism directed at him, rather than his players. Fitz then took things a step further by suggesting two Twitter hashtags that fans and media members could use to vent their frustrations; #DoThisFitz and #WTFitz.

Think of it as the modern-day version of Mike Gundy's "I'm a man...I'm 40" tirade.

The criticisms didn't take long to start to roll in as armchair coaches everywhere took the opportunity to come at him. The hashtags will be infinitely more colorful in the fall.

This morning Fitz is due to appear on SportsCenter so Scott took the opportunity to remind anchor Jaymee Sire of Fitz's rather interesting idea.

Update: Nice work by SportsCenter host Jaymee Sire for leading with this. Good example of the power of social media my friends.