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Pat Narduzzi explains the most vital position group to an elite defense

Pat Narduzzi knows a thing or two about elite defenses. Dating back to 2011, Narduzzi's Spartan Dawg defense in East Lansing ranked in the top 10 in total defense every season, and it was those on-the-field results that led to him to the head coaching position at Pitt.

Yesterday, after his sixth spring practice at leading the Panthers, Narduzzi was asked which position group is most important to having an elite defense.

"I think a strong defensive line is," Narduzzi explained. "It starts up front. If you can't win up front with those guys, you've got a problem."

"You could have a great secondary, and more, but if you don't have a defensive line that can put some pressure on the quarterback, you're going to have issues. So it starts up front, both offensively and defensively."