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Patrick Mahomes made voting at Arrowhead Stadium a reality

Yesterday, thousands of voters filed into Arrowhead Stadium to cast their vote for the election. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is to thank for that.

When Mahomes suggested the idea, he was told by officials that one of the barriers to making that happen would be the lack of monetary resources and available voting machines. Mahomes along with Chiefs' owners (the Hunt Family) decided to foot the $100,000 bill for additional polling equipment. This investment was not just for now but also for the future as the equipment will be able to be used in elections for the next ten years.

On a podcast called Huddle and Flow, Mahomes said, “I thought it was very important not only just to get as many people out to vote as possible but also to use a place as Arrowhead where we have a lot of fun, show a lot of love and unity where people (are) coming together, and use that as a place where we can come together and vote and use our voice. I thought Arrowhead was the perfect place for it, and the Chiefs were all on board with it.”

Voting at the stadium came with its perks. Voters were allowed to explore the Club level of the stadium, purchase food from various food trucks outside and received a special Chiefs "I voted" sticker.

Mahomes' investment into his community is salient during a time when athletes, especially NFL players, have faced harsh criticism surrounding the recent increase in activism. The criticism is often that they speak too much but do too little to help. Mahomes and the Chiefs put that to rest.

How cool.

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