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Paul Chryst explains Wisconsin's "Mom rule"


Like every other football program across the country, Wisconsin devotes a chunk of time during preseason camp to social media lessons. Let's be honest, every high school and college student could use them.

Most of what is contained in those lessons is probably the same stuff that other programs tell their players, like everyone can see what they put on social media, or don't use it to provide our opponents any unnecessary bulletin board material, or don't engage in a back and forth banter with your critics.

But Wisconsin also has a rule they call "the Mom rule" for players and their social media use.

“You see some of their stuff, (I say,) ‘I’m just going to copy this and send it to your mom. You good with that?’" Paul Chryst explained to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Which, of course, prompts the, "‘Whoa, whoa, Coach. Wait'" response from players.

Chryst doesn't seem like the type of coach that would ever institute a social media ban for his players, going on to tell the Wisconsin State Journal that, "You’re always looking for moments where you can help — those teachable moments, help a guy grow.”

Chryst goes on to explain that social media is now "part of the way that they express themselves. It used to be, the locker room was pretty closed and nothing seldom got out. Now I think it’s different that way."

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