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Paul Johnson explains why he doesn't get caught up in winning an arms race with programs like Clemson

Coaching and recruiting against schools with bigger and better resources is something that we all deal with at one point or another in our coaching careers.

In college football (and large high school football as well), the term "facilities arms race" gets thrown around quite a bit every time someone gets a new facility because it tends to start a chain reaction for others to catch up.

For Paul Johnson, one would think that means he and Georgia Tech have to find a way to compete with Clemson, who recently put the finishing touches on one of the nicest facilities in college football, complete with putt-putt golf, a bowling alley, a dedicated nap room, and a whole lot more.

As Johnson explains at ACC Media Days though, keeping up with what Clemson is doing doesn't really concern him. Here's the answer Johnson gave to a reporter who asked if he felt Clemson building their new facility gives the Tigers a leg up competitively and how schools like Georgia Tech find a way to compete with them on the field against schools throwing a whole lot more money around.

An article we did last week points out that shiny new facilities really don't lead to the type of results we've come to believe when it comes to recruiting though.