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Paul Johnson has an interesting rule change suggestion: Replace the coin toss with a tug of war


The past few off seasons have been filled with a number of rule changes, as well as a number of - well let's just say it - crazy suggestions.

Just to revisit a few of them - a few seasons ago, in the name of "player safety", Bret Bielema wanted to slow down offenses by making up tempo teams wait ten seconds before snapping the ball, the NCAA instituted a targeting rule, placed a ban on crop top jerseys, and put a stop to non-standard facemasks.

Well, thanks to Paul Johnson today, we finally have a fun suggestion, and while it's highly unlikely it will ever be used, it's fun to think of.

It started with a simple off season competition of tug of war among teammates.

Then the coaching staff got on the other side of the rope, and Johnson tweeted an interesting suggestion.

Seriously though, how much fun would it be to see the tug of war at the 50-yard line replace the coin toss at a game in 2016? Perhaps between the strength coaches, or just the freshman, or maybe just include the walk-ons? Any other suggestions?

Let's make this happen people...

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