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Video: Paul Rhoads on a gameshow?

Driving through the state of Iowa to various cities on a tour bus filled with fellow coaches from different sports can understandably get a bit monotonous. That's why the athletic department at Iowa State decided to spice things up on their road trip around the state with a game of "Take the Hint".

The face of one team was, of course, the fiery Paul Rhoads, while basketball coach Fred Hoiberg headed up the opposing team. The game is very similar to the old game show "Password" where each team has one player try to identify a word or phrase, while the teammates give the player one word clues. The guesser gets just one incorrect guess before moving on. The team with the most correct guesses after three rounds wins.

You can tell Rhoads tried his best not to get too intense in an effort to keep things friendly. When it was all said and done though, Hoiberg's team outperformed Rhoads' so you can bet there was no "I'm so proud..." moment at the end of this one.