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Paul Rhoads penned one final letter to Iowa high school coaches before his final game as Iowa State's HC


You really can't imagine the emotions that Paul Rhoads was going through heading into his final week as head coach leading the Iowa State program into their season finale unless you've been in similar shoes.

However, on his way out in his final week in Ames, one thing was clear - he wanted Iowa high school coaches to know how much he appreciated them.

The Des Moines Register got their hands on the letter Rhoads sent to high school coaches around the state, and in it you can see why Rhoads was so well respected by his coaching peers.

The way that Rhoads ends the letter is pure class:

I wrote out first letter to high school coaches in 2009, "It is our belief that the purest form of teaching is coaching and our staff will always make a commitment to assist the great high school coaches in any way we can." As my time at Iowa State ends, I hope that you feel that this was accomplished.

A lot of guys go the bitter route after being let go, but Paul Rhoads provided the blueprint of how it should be handled - with integrity and pride.

Take a look a full letter below, and head here to read more on it.


While Rhoads' letter is outstanding, the best letter from a head coach on his way out came from Mike Sherman after being fired at Texas A&M. It remains as one of the most popular articles we've ever had. Read it here.