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Pennsylvania high school game ends 107-90... in regulation

Two Class AAA Pennsylvania high schools got together and staged a duel that would outpace most NBA games on Friday night as Meadville topped DuBois by the eye-popping, record-breaking, scoreboard-busting score of 107-90.

Meadville scoreboard

The teams combined for 197 points (obviously) and 1,827 yards of total offense on the night. That's an average of 4.1 points and 38 yards of total offense per minute.

Most of the yards were achieved by two players.

In his first career start, DuBois quarterback Matt Miller threw for a reported 782 yards and 10 touchdowns on 30-of-51 passing. If that figure holds it's a new national high school record.

But the stat of the night was Meadville running back Journey Brown. The junior rushed 30 times for 722 yards and 10 - ten! - touchdowns. He was just as surprised as you were to hear those numbers. Brown ran for 508 yards on his 10 touchdown, ahem, journeys alone, meaning he averaged "only" about 11 yards on each of his 20 remaining carries.

"That's pretty cool," Brown said afterward. "But that's because of the big uglies up front. First off, I love my line, point-blank, period. Without that line, without the other backs, there's no way I'm able to do what I did. It's because of them."

In the end, Meadville head coach Ray Collins summed the night up perfectly: "I'll tell you what, the fans that paid their $5 to come see this game certainly got their money's worth. What you had was two very good offenses teeing up on each other. But neither team brought their defense."

(Photo credit: Meadville athletics/Matt Brown)