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Pete Carroll opens the door for Washington to come scrimmage his Seahawks to prepare for Alabama

So many fans and analysts love comparing the talent that Alabama has on their roster to NFL teams, and many of them have a point. Nick Saban's team has been dominant pretty much all season, and Washington and Chris Petersen will face a big challenge in knocking off the top ranked Tide.

On the radio out in Seattle yesterday, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked to ESPN about the challenge that lies ahead for Petersen and the Huskies with ESPN 710 AM, noting that they won't be as overwhelmed by Saban and the Tide as many folks think.

“I don’t think you should think that they’re out of their league at all. Alabama’s a great team and has great coaches and they’ve got a great program, but this (Huskies) team is well balanced and they’re able to take on a lot. They won’t be surprised by the style of offense. They’re gonna see a really, tough, strong, physical defense, it’s gonna be hard for them in that regard, but they have a lot of stuff that they can do, a lot of places they can go with this thing, so it’s going to be a heck of a match-up.”

Carroll later left the door open for Petersen if he wanted to bring the Huskies by for a friendly scrimmage to help prep for the Tide when asked if he'd be willing to have Petersen's team over before the start of the playoff.

“Our boys will be ready for them. You wanna bring them out here? Come on, bring ’em over here, Coach.”

Wouldn't it be something if Petersen and Washington took Carroll up on that offer?

Listen to the full interview by going here.