(Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns are a complete mess right now. The club is 1-23 under current head coach Hue Jackson, 11-45 since 2014, 15-57 since 2013, 24-80 since 2011, 34-102 since 2009 and… yeah. You get the point.

With a 1-23 record under Jackson, it’s not surprising that there’s speculation the Browns or Jackson could look for a change. And Sports Illustrated reporter Albert Breer speculated that a disgruntled Jackson could look to leave, prompting Peyton Manning to come in and take over football operations a la John Elway’s role with the Denver Broncos.

Manning and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam may have a good relationship, but why would Manning cast his lot as an NFL executive with Cleveland? The Browns have been a pit of misery for years now and the only constant has been Haslam’s leadership.

Returning to the league in a football czar role would not be a surprising step at all for Manning, but there are a number of clubs he has links to, like his former team (the Colts), his college home (the Titans) or his dad’s team (the Saints), that are far less risky than the Browns.

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