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Peyton Manning processing the Broncos botch the final minute of their loss to Seattle was fantastic television

Despite a full arsenal of timeouts, the Broncos did not run an offensive play in the final minute of their 17-16 loss to the Seahawks. Their former quarterback was in pain as he watched it happen.

What a debut for the new-look Monday Night Football last night.

ESPN is pouring in $50 million in talent fees alone to turn Monday nights into an event once again, and the NFL obliged. At least in Week 1.

The league provided a matchup juicier than a fresh peach with Russell Wilson's return to Seattle, and the Broncos and Seahawks staged a highly entertaining game capped by an inexplicable ending.

The final minute would be unbelievable if we didn't all watch it happen in real time. 

After a hard-fought catch-and-run, Broncos running back Javonte Williams was tackled in bounds at the Seattle 45-yard line with 1:03 to play, setting up a 4th-and-5 with Denver trailing 17-16. Despite a full compliment of timeouts, Denver did not run another offensive snap.

The Broncos finally called timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty, then opted to try a 64-yard field goal. It missed.

Adding insult to injury, Hackett finally called his final two timeouts after McManus missed, apparently hoping the Seahawks would fumble out of the victory formation.

And so not only did we get Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's call on the main feed, we also got to see Peyton Manning watch Denver botch the situation in real time.

“We just made our decision and wanted to take that shot,” Hackett said afterward. 

Maybe for the next edition of the ManningCast, Hackett can defend that decision to Peyton.