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Photo: Adidas has provided Texas A&M with a neat recruiting toy


Uniforms are an awesome recruiting tool. Players and recruits love uniform reveals like you and I love oxygen. The problem with uniforms, though, is that they are a treat you can only trot out a precious few times a year. 

Texas A&M trotted out special uniforms "only" three times in 2013, donning stars and stripes helmets at home versus UTEP, wearing dark onyx uniforms with a special maroon helmet in a road loss at LSU, and then taking those same helmets on the road a week later at Missouri.

How do you recreate that experience 365 days a year? 

You trot out this virtual uniform juke box, which a visiting coach snapped a picture of over the weekend.

To be clear, this has been in the Aggies' possession for a while, and isn't the only one of its kind in existence.

Still, as far as recruiting toys that no one really needs but everyone would like to have, it's pretty stinkin' cool.