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Photo: Did Bret Bielema flash a "Horns Down" while shaking hands with Charlie Strong?

The pre-New Year's Day bowl season of 2014 finally - finally - has its answer to the Zapruder film controversy.

At a press conference for Monday night's Texas Bowl, Texas head coach Charlie Strong and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema posed for a hand-shaking photo. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary until Arkansas sports anchor Aaron Peters tweeted a photo of Bielema doing a "Horns Down" gesture that is common of Texas opponents.

Then, Bielema denied doing the gesture through sports radio host Bo Mattingly.

And then Peters denied photoshopping the picture.

So, did he or didn't he? Who cares? It's a glorified exhibition game between a pair of teams playing for the right to finish 7-6 instead of 6-7. Not exactly the Big Shootout of 1969 reincarnated.

The real winner in all this is the Texas Bowl itself, the beneficiary of an afternoon's worth of publicity while actual bowl games take place in the proverbial background.

Texas and Arkansas will meet at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN Monday night.