Over the next several months The Scoop will be loaded with the doors closing on one head coaches opportunity, while the doors of opportunity open for them, and others, open elsewhere. It’s always important keep in perspective the lives of the coaches and support staff that the decision to move on can affect.

Earlier today, word of Butch Jones being let go at Tennessee got out following a blowout loss to Missouri. That was followed shortly thereafter by a press conference by athletic director John Currie to address the news, as well as the direction of the Vols program moving forward. During that presser, Currie noted that he does not intend on hiring a search firm to help find the next leader of the team.

Some time after the presser, this picture of Jones’ official letter of termination started to circulate. After news broke of his dismissal, Darren Rovell tweeted that Jones’ buyout figure was $8.23 million, and while that was close, this letter puts the exact buyout at $8,257,580. Of course, that figure will be offset by future employment that coach Jones finds.

The letter goes on to note when those buyout payments will be paid out, as well as university procedures like an exit interview to be completed by Friday.

See the full letter that was hand delivered to Jones below.