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Photo: John Madden's basement is the man cave that all coaches dream of


There's a relatively simple rule to the idea of having a man cave. Every man that doesn't have his own dreams of one, and if you're lucky enough to have one (or if your wife allows you to have one), it could always be a little better.

That's where this tweet from Tom Gelehrter comes in, who apparently has gotten a peek of John Madden's basement. Not surprisngly, it looks like the ultimate place to watch games in the fall with your buddies...or just posted up by yourself. Would you expect anything less from the inspiration behind the insanely popular Madden games and the face of the Raiders franchise through the 70's?

The setup is just sick. Imagine having your friends over for games with this layout.

If I had one critique, the only thing missing would have to be the Game of Thrones seat for the man of the house. That would be the ultimate feather in the cap.