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Photo: First-look at the NFL "Concussion Game Day Checklist"

Last night, a picture of the protocol that the NFL uses on game day for concussions was shared on Twitter.

The flow chart provides a first-hand look at the system that the NFL and NFL Players Association have given their stamp of approval to assess whether players are fit to return to the field or not.

Below is the tweet from Scott Hanson, and I also include a blown up version of the chart that is a bit easier to read.


Included in the red stop sign shaped "No-Go" section on the right of the flow chart are LOC (Loss of Conciousness), Confusion, and Amnesia with "if observed at any point, NO RETURN TO PLAY". The green boxes on the left signify when a player should be cleared to return after a sideline evaluation and no concussion-like symptoms are present after that assessment.

A few weeks ago, Tom Brady's wife Giselle made waves by saying that Brady played with a concussion last year.

This chart provides coaches and medical personnel everywhere with invaluable information and the protocol used at the highest level of our game.