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Photo: Ole Miss really understands what recruits want to see


Hugh Freeze and his staff know a thing or two about how to connect with today's recruit's. Ever since stepping on campus at Ole Miss, they've elevated the expectations, and results on the recruiting trail. You could argue that no staff at Ole Miss has recruited better in their first few seasons.

That's why this picture caught our attention (well, that and the fact it was sent to us on Twitter). The Rebels took four commodities that recruits would recognize (Kirk Herbstreit, Rivals, 247, and Scout), squeezed them onto one iPhone screen, and then let the tweets do their talking for them.

The result is powerful, yet simple...which is almost always the most effective way to reach your prospects. Again, this won't get a player to commit; but it keeps you in his mind and in the conversation and is an excellent conversation piece. 


(h/t @S_Ruzic)