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Photo: Oregon is smelling scratch-and-sniff season tickets


Seemingly as long as sports have existed, the ticket has been an essential part of the game day experience. You purchase a seat inside the arena, and the arena in turn gives you a ticket as proof of that purchase. 

The ticket is a keepsake, and tangible aspect of sport's aura. If something memorable happens, you can take your ticket home and frame it. If your favorite team's season goes belly up, you can burn your season tickets. But the actual ticket is going extinct in favor of print-at-home tickets or virtual tickets, all in the name of saving costs.

Good luck trying to frame your iPhone when Justin Verlander throws a perfect game.

In a continuation of their policy of doing everything differently, Oregon not only still provides actual tickets to its season ticket holders, it throws in something to make its tickets special. Forget saving costs, Oregon spends money on its tickets.

In the past, Oregon added pigskin texture or hologram elements to its tickets. This year? Scratch-and-sniff.

Oregon tickets

Watch the Ducks, and then sniff your way to the nearest Carl's Jr.

(HT CBS Sports)