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Photo: Texas A&M has gone a bit extreme to improve field goal accuracy

Last year Texas A&M ranked 53rd nationally in field goal percentage attempting just 13 field goals on the year, making 10 of them (77%). Those 13 attempts ranked 110th nationally.

The staff has decided to go to rather extreme measures to improve on both the accuracy and confidence of the unit, and decided to dig up the old goal post and exchange it for an Arena League style one.

Surely A&M isn't the first program to do something like this. I'm sure that high school and college programs have painted the netting or done other alterations to help improve accuracy, but this seems to be the first time a goal post has been completely replaced.

This obviously falls into the "go big or go home" category, so we're interested in hearing some of the other, more cost effective alternatives, out there that programs have used. Any interesting ideas out there?