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Photo: Whittingham scores backstage passes to KISS, snatches legendary pic

Kyle Whittingham and his brother Fred Jr. (who serves as the director of player personnel for the Utes) scored some backstage passes to a KISS concert in Salt Lake City last night, and the pic that they got was all sorts of awesome.

Upon learning that they scored the passes, Fred sent out a tweet asking what he should get Gene Simmons and the gang to do. Most of the answers revolved around getting the Iconic band to flash the "U" with their hands.

But could the Whittinghams deliver?

 There's really just so many great things in this picture:
- Look at Fred's shirt (far left, plaid shorts). Pretty sick
- Fred and Kyle did get KISS to deliver the "U" with their hands
- Nobody in that picture looks as happy to be hanging out with Rock and Roll legends as Kyle and Fred do. Awesome

The only thing missing here was the iconic KISS tongue hanging out.

The photo op is probably too old school to strike a chord with today's recruits, but their parents will surely appreciate it.