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Photo: Your annual NFL head coaches team photo

The NFL spring meetings are underway in Phoenix, the one time a year all 32 of the league's head coaches are in one place at one time. Which means the NFL has to take an annual team picture.

It's one of the best annual traditions the NFL has. The unintentional comedy of gathering 32 people whose combined salaries will top nine figures into one combined space, who all happen to earn their living by trying to put the guys to their left and right out of a job and who would collectively be much more comfortable sitting in a dark film room.

NFL coaches

Look at poor Tom Coughlin there in the front. The man owns two Super Bowl rings and is one of the most respected coaches in the entire sport, yet he's scrunched in there like a first grader sitting between two third graders. John Fox and Jay Gruden have nowhere to put their arms. Andy Reid just flew in from Hawaii.

Honestly, if NFL Network put the making of this photo on TV it would be the network's most interesting offseason content. Make it happen.

(via @NFLprguy)