After the Tennessee Titans popped the lid on the new uniform circuit for the 2018 season Wednesday night, Illinois did the same for the college game on Friday morning.

For those who don’t have a mental rolodex of the Illini’s uniform catalogue, here’s how the club dressed through last season:

Not great but not terrible, right?

Well, the new ones are more of the same. It’s hard to get riled up about the new Illinois kits one way or the other.

The one distinguishable trait on the new uniforms is the columns running up the numerals, which evokes the columns on the exterior of Memorial Stadium.

For those who prefer their new uniform presented through hype video form, Illinois has you covered.

Actually, let me take the previous statement about the distinguishable trait about these uniforms back. The thing that makes them distinguishable is that they’re not all that different from the look Syracuse has used of late.

What do you think?

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