Eastern Michigan unveiled their new “factory” themed uniforms last night via Twitter.

The unis, which are heavy on the diamond-plating theme, reflect that attitude that Creighton brought with him.

If you remember, shortly after Chris Creighton arrived on campus in Ypsilanti,  “The Factory” mentality was introduced, and shortly after that a decision was made to go from green turf to gray. Why? Because Creighton wanted to honor hard-working culture of the region (known for automobile and manufacturing industries), while also letting it be known that they would play anyone, anytime, anywhere…even in a (gray) parking lot.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the new uniforms though, is that the 11 Seniors pictured below were given the freedom to design the new white uniforms.

How many programs can say that?

EMU also took the opportunity to unveil their patriotic jersey’s that they will be wearing for the Army game on September 26th.