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Photos: FCS program honors veterans with these customized helmets

This weekend, Lafayette (FCS - PA) will take on Army and the Leopards have decided to honor veterans that have a special place in their players hearts in a rather unique way.

At first, Lafayette's helmets look to be rocking their custom "L" logo, but a closer look reveals a custom fill on those L's unique to each player.

Every player was asked to choose a veteran to honor, and pictures of those veterans in their respective military branch uniforms were then worked into the helmet logo.

As the equipment account points out on Twitter - "Special week. Special helmets." Special indeed. Well done fellas.

I have been a vocal advocate of programs doing more than simply putting the stars and stripes in their logo for games like this, urging teams to be more creative, and Lafayette hit this one out of the park with their creativity and customization.

Here's a closer look at one of the pics provided.