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Photos: Florida touting their ability to create 'The Richest People in America'


According to the British magazine Spear, the University of Florida produces the 49th most millionaires of any university in the entire world. Naturally, the Florida football program has attempted to take advantage of that on the recruiting trail.

So, the Gators mailed out these fake Forbes magazine covers:

AA Florida recruit2

The first thing I thought upon seeing these was David Shaw's motto in recruiting, "start as you mean to go on." Essentially, if Stanford - a school that ranked third on Spear's list, by the way - expects its incoming freshmen to fall in line and earn its way onto the field, it lays out that expectation in the recruiting process. Filling a 17-year-old's head with dollar signs only complicates that.

On the other hand, all Florida is really doing here is touting the value of its education, something every school should do. They just found a creative way of doing it.

Is this a head-in-the-clouds pitch just to get a kid's attention, or is it a brilliant way of selling Florida's high points? Each recruit liked the mailer enough to share it on social media, so their vote is cast. But, coaches, what say you?