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Let's take a look at Oregon's Rose Bowl helmets

Oregon's winged helmet look started in the Rose Bowl three years ago, as the Ducks outlasted a Russell Wilson-led Wisconsin team, 45-38.

Oregon 2012 Rose

The Ducks were in chrome lids that day, but the winged decals would become Oregon's predominate look over the next three seasons, migrating to everycolorintheirrepertoire, with only a break for charitable or nostalgic purposes.

But with the inaugural College Football Playoff upon us, Nike has seized the opportunity to remind the public that all four participating schools wear swooshes. Much of that unveiling was nothing more than Swoosh promotional material, but there was notable change packed among the fluff: the return of Oregon's "O" helmets. Worn from 1999 through 2011, Nike is using the grand stage of the Rose Bowl to bring it back.

Officially unveiled earlier this month, @OregonFBEquip provided a closer look on Friday.

Oregon green

Three quick reactions:

1. That is a green helmet. If nothing else, Oregon will be back in its green-and-yellow roots for the Rose Bowl.

2. Is it just me, or has the "O" gotten wider this time around?

3. If the Ducks lose to Florida State, everyone's going to blame it on the helmets.