The Miami Dolphins have plunked a third of a billion dollars into renovating Whatever They’re Calling It Now Stadium, and a chunk of that money was aimed at defeating pro and college football teams’ biggest enemy: the home living room.

Instead of asking fans to choose between the recliner and the game, the Dolphins have brought the recliner to the game.

Dolphins1 Dolphins2 Dolphins3



Situated at the 50-yard line as well as the end zone, a pod of four for a 10-game season goes for $75,000. A good deal for those that have the means to purchase them, but unattainable to most.

Of course, you’ll notice the cheap seats are still standard issue plastic. For the Joe Fan wondering whether to plunk down a couple hundred bunks – as well as most of his Sunday – whether or not to see a game in person instead of watching every game at home for next to free, the decision isn’t quite so easy.

(photos via @DarrenRovell, @TomGarfinkel)

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