When new coaches take over a program, it’s not uncommon to see some changes, or tweaks, to their current uniform setup as part of an effort of the new guy to put his own stamp on the program and create some buzz.

At UNLV, Tony Sanchez seems to be doing exactly that.

Since the calendar has flipped to 2015, there has been plenty of buzz on social media about new uniforms being right around the corner, and now it looks like some pictures were shared on the UNLV alumni Facebook page to support the rumors.


Personally, I don’t understand why they’ve never used the Rebel logo on helmets like that black on in the upper left, because that looks really sharp. The new color scheme on the helmet to the right looks like a nice upgrade as well. All look to be major upgrades from what they wore last year.

Again, it’s unclear whether these will be hitting the field in the fall, but they’ve definitely created a buzz around the UNLV fan base, which is always a good thing.

Initial reviews of the rumored unis and helmets have been overwhelmingly positive, and rumors continue to swirl that this reveal is just the beginning.

(H/T SB Nation)

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