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Photos: You've never seen a resume quite like this

A young aspiring ball boy shoots his shot with a local program with a resume that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Gene Rucker is heading into his second season as the head coach at Cardinal Stritch HS (Toledo, OH) and he got a resume in for a position with his program that is unlike anything you've ever seen.

A young Toledo kid and fan of the Stritch football program named Isaiah Brossia sent in his resume to be a ball boy on staff on a folded up piece of lined paper as if it was a note being secretly passed in class.

Among the relevant skills or the position, Brossia notes: "I can pass and catch the ball and get it to the ref,"

As for his qualities that would make him a good fit, Isiah notes that he is "always on time (my dad speeds)," he will already be at all the games anyways and he never gets grounded because he's the favorite kid.

Perhaps best of all, he's willing to negotiate his starting fee (which means team gear and a hat will probably go a long way) and his lists his references as his mom and dad, but not his brother who would probably call him annoying.

The resume ends with "If you would like to hire me, text me," with the number provided. Boss move right there.

There are more than a few things on there that should bring a smile to your face, but that picture at the very end is the icing on the cake.

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