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Who won the Twitter war between Pitt and Penn State's OL coaches?

It started with an innocuous, though rather boisterous, tweet. Pitt offensive line coach John Peterson tweeted a graphic on Wednesday night claim his Panthers to be the premier program in the state of Pennsylvania.

Penn State offensive line coach Herb Hand fired back an hour and a half later with a subtweet for the ages.

Then he started running up the score.

The lines went quiet for about 12 hours until Peterson tweeted a shot of the Panthers' nine national championships. (To be fair, all but one came before World War II.)

Then he took a turn to claim victory.

And then Hand returned fire again.

As of this morning, Peterson has apparently called a cease fire, but not before ending with a hashtag lifted from Texas A&M's patented #WRTS

So, who won?

If I may answer my own question, they both did. Peterson and Hand took turns touting their programs while trading some good-natured barbs and had fun doing it. Twitter is supposed to be fun, after all. Especially in the off-season.

Thankfully, Pitt and Penn State will renew their on-again, off-again rivalry on Sept. 10, 2016 at Heinz Field. Hopefully that game is as entertaining as their Twitter feud.