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PJ Fleck was asked where his energy at practice comes from: "The culture demands a certain amount of energy from everyone"

Minnesota first-year head coach PJ Fleck is likely the most energetic head coach in the country, and that's a image he built during his time as at Western Michigan, where he cut his head coaching teeth at 32 years old for a few years, before leaving for the Twin Cities.

A lot of coaches probably wonder where he gets that energy and enthusiasm from, and after spring practice recently, Fleck was asked that question, and Minnesota's football account

Yesterday @Coach_Fleck was asked about where his energy at practice comes from. This was his answer. 👇

— Minnesota Football (@GopherFootball) March 22, 2017

" target="_blank">tweeted out his response, which I've included below.

"My wife tells me this all the time - the tough part about the standard is that you are the standard. If I don't have the energy how can they? How can our coaches? That's not something I try to do."

"I think a lot of people say 'he's just trying to be like that.' I am just me, and I like being me. I don't have to be anybody else. I don't want our coaching staff to be anybody else and the players are the same way. The culture demands a certain amount of energy from everyone."

Fleck went on to share a lesson from Cubs GM Theo Epstein, who had a vision for the iconic baseball franchise when he was brought in back in 2010.

"This afternoon we showed them Theo Epstein, the top dog for the Chicago Cubs. We showed them his vision for four or five years ago and he talked about the right people in the organization who understand their role at a very high level. He said 'when we win the World Series this is what it is going to look like and this is how we are going to do it.' It's the same thing with our football program. There is a high standard about how we do things. Not what we do, but how we do them and that is set by the head coach and works its way down."

Hear more from Fleck in the clip.