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PJ Fleck on College GameDay coming to town: "I want to pack the CITY. Forget about the stadium!"

With the ESPN College GameDay set coming for their first every visit to Kalamazoo, few people are more excited than PJ Fleck and his undefeated Broncos.

Fleck doesn't want to just pack the stadium. He wants the city of Kalamazoo absolutely flooded with people, and he makes a great pitch to families on why to come.

"I want this place to be packed. I want to pack the city. Period. Forget the stadium, that's a no-brainer. That will sell out. I'm talking about packing the city."

Fleck then adds how making plans to come see GameDay is a great excuse for women to get a new jacket, or some other Bronco gear before appealing to families in driving distance of KZoo.

"Bring your kids. It's a great experience to go see Corso, and Herbstreit, and Des, and Rece Davis and Sam Ponder, and everybody. Bring your kids. That's an experience that they'll have for the rest of their life. If you're within a 5-hour radius, get in your car and let's go to Kalamazoo."

"The attention is for everyone else. It's great because it helps us with recruiting, helps us with our program, helps us with the vision as we continue to develop and go forward, helps with fundraising, helps with facilities. Yes. But our job is to be focused and to be 1-0 in the Buffalo season."

Catch more from Fleck in the clip.