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PJ Fleck explains the difference between "playing the game of football" and "just playing the play"

PJ Fleck has one year under his belt leading the Minnesota program, but he often refers to the 2017 season as "Year 0," so this fall really marks "Year 1" in his eyes.

The Gophers figure to be young again this year, and Fleck talked about the strides that his Gophers need to make if they're going to make progress on last year's 5-7 mark. Of course, Fleck hit the cliches of taking better care of the ball, blocking and tackling better, and then mentioned "knowing situational football better.'

In Fleck's eyes, there's a big difference between just playing snap to snap, and "playing the game of football," and his guys understanding that is going to be key to their success.

"Our team needs to make a huge jump situationally. Playing the game of football instead of just playing the play. Playing the game of football"

"If you have 85 plays on offense, that's 85 different situations, when you truly become a smarter player. A better player is a smarter player. So if we can improve on that, I think that will help.

Hear more from coach Fleck in the clip.