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PJ Fleck: "Everyone has leadership qualities. We choose to either bring them out, or someone has to pull it out."

To begin his session with the media following their sixth spring practice, PJ Fleck was asked about how he and his staff instill leadership lessons in his first season in charge of the Minnesota program.

Fleck starts by explaining his leadership system is something he started about four years ago at Western Michigan.

"When you take over a team, and it's not just flooded with fifth-year seniors that have all started 30-plus games, you have to develop leadership within."

"Everybody has leadership qualities inside. We either choose to bring it out, or someone has to pull it out for us."

Fleck goes on to explain that their leadership council consists of 36 handpicked players, chosen by their teammates and Fleck himself. The council meets once a week, consists of 32 classes, and is taught by Fleck.

A little bit later on (at about the 3:30 mark), while raving about the qualities wide receivers coach Matt Simon brings to the program, Fleck shared a bit about what he looks for in a coaching staff.

"Every one of these coaches, what I love about them, is they are phenomenal teachers. They're not just coaches. They're not just X's and O's guys. These guys are embedded into their life in all four areas; academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually.

"We're teaching them every day in all four of those areas, not just football. That's the fun part."

Hear more from Fleck in the clip.